We offer superior service and the kind of special attention to best
suit your long-term care facility's unique needs and preferences. We
specialize in assisted living facilities!
Extensive experience in assisted living

24-hour 7 days a week pharmacist and deliveries on call

Special packaging (See "Packaging" page)

Competitive, discount pricing including OTC's

Accept most insurance plans

Timely deliveries

Software solutions for your facility including electronic MORs

Consultations, training, special reports, and more
Easy Transition

We will do all the leg work to ensure a smooth transition to our
pharmacy and provide you with the necessary tools to ensure an
efficient and safe medication pass.
ALF / LTC Pharmacy
Prime Pharmacy Services, LLC
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Prime Pharmacy
Services, LLC

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Phone:  (877) 891-0005
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Superior service
designed to save you
time, stop errors, and
reduce medication
costs with no added